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A Change in the Season


I must confess, I have been remiss at updating my post here at the Animal Eye Clinic. Part of this was intentional, as the last post describes the new cataract surgery machine we purchased last year that is working like a charm. Changes in technology are fascinating and very rewarding when we, as veterinarians, find one that applies to our patients and is cost effective in this ever-changing world of health care. Part of my delay was unintentional, as changes of the kids’ school, health of relatives, staffing and life in general often reworks our life and schedule when we least expect it. Many fear change, many embrace it, some seek it and others avoid it at all cost. I personally like change as it keeps things fresh and, to be realistic, change is inevitable so why not roll with it?

How is change evident at the AEC? Well sadly, Christina, one of my technicians for 16 years (WOW!) left for the sunny shores in North Carolina. Clients and colleagues loved her and we miss her wonderful personality and strong work ethic. And although word on the street is that she misses her job and friends here, too, we found her replacement in Sherry and Ryan! These two are doing fabulously learning our philosophy and bringing their own personalities to the job. See their stories in the staff section. I am lucky and blessed to still have Suzanne, Chris and Lisa-Marie (reception, technician and office manager) with me (for 8-17 years respectively!) to train these guys and continue keeping our level of service high. They make this place go and I am honored to have all of them as my staff!

In addition, the landscape in veterinary medicine continues to change. I was the new, young, fresh-out-of-residency guy 17 years ago when I joined Dr. Covitz’s original practice in 1999, but now I am the senior ophthalmologist in the state. With that brings experience and knowledge along with a few gray hairs! But I continue to stay current with the latest information by attending meetings, contributing to our international list serve, reviewing journals for the ACVO and reaching out to those with experience in other areas to make sure we are offering the best we can for your friends. I realize you have a choice and feel that our combination of experience, expertise and a mellow, personable environment make us a good choice for your veterinary eye care.

Feel free to search other posts that include descriptions and photos of different diseases, procedures and presentations that may apply to your pet. Topics include cataract surgery, corneal erosions that don’t heal, surgeries if your pet’s eye has to be removed among others that may be of interest. Feel free to call for an appointment if we can be of service.

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