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A light at the end of the tunnel?

I am amazed…it has been over a year since our last update on this site due to the need for our Covid-19 messaging and instructions for those bringing their pets to the AEC for treatment. First and foremost, thank you to all for tolerating all the changes in protocol here and with your referring DVM. We appreciate that many were uncomfortable with the process of curbside medicine, the shuttling back and forth, phone call conversations, lack of face time with the doctor and leaving your critters in our good hands. Truly understandable but amazingly all seemed to go just fine. It may surprise many that your pets are sometimes better behaved without you in the room! I am so very appreciative of those who came to us and trusted in us despite the lack of personal interaction and am humbled by the support of all.

As infection rates are dropping and those getting vaccinated are going up, we too will start to “open up” and resume our normal modes of practice. Our place is small, however, with suboptimal air flow in exam rooms that are kept dark to allow our examinations. Thus, as we begin our transition, we will likely start having clients of new patients that we have not met enter the clinic with their pet to be seen in our one exam room that has a window to allow fresh air circulation. We will still take your history over the phone before the visit and finalize the check out process outside after to decrease our time together inside. This may at least give some familiarity for new clients as we continue to take care of recheck patients on a curbside basis. If and when the viral concerns continue to diminish, we may allow recheck patients and owners in the building as well. Alas, the jury in not completely back yet on Covid so it makes sense to me to take a cautious, step-wise approach.

If you are allowed to come in with your pet and are vaccinated, you do not have to where a mask. Please wear one if you are not vaccinated. And, at any time, we may change these rules depending on the day, patient traffic or health status of myself and the staff. Bear with us!

Last, but certainly not least, if you have come here or do come in, say a special thanks to my staff. They have been working very hard over the year trying to manage any and all concerns which has been a bit of a challenge. Questions and worries, anger and sadness, tears and doubt have all been present with many owners over this period and my staff’s patience and professionalism has been outstanding. Happily, we have had more than our share of happy patients and clients as well! As always, we appreciate everyone’s understanding of these challenges we have faced and look forward to some normalcy this year.

ADDENDUM: It seems like Covid-19 has a different plan than us and the Delta variant is creating concerns. We will cautiously approach this problem and may decide to resume curbside protocol as positivity rates increase in our region. If you are allowed to come in, a mask will be required for all at this time. Be well and be safe…

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