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Back to normal….finally!

Nice to see you again! I never thought that would take such a different meaning in our world now that Covid is not as prevalent or disastrous as it was early in the course of the pandemic. Most have shed their masks and are living un-tethered after months of limitations and tons of hesitations interacting with others we know and hadn’t met before. Hopefully we have learned something about ourselves and others to help us navigate our future.

I want to take a minute to again thank you all for trusting in us the last couple of years. We, like many, had our curbside protocols to try and keep each other safe while still providing the care that your pets needed. Doing that sight unseen, with sometimes only a phone call and a pass-off to a masked staff member, was difficult for many. We tried our best to make this comfortable for you knowing that you could not see our smile or watch us handle your dog or cat without you in the room. Well, I think we did OK, as most pets are quite comfortable in our office and my staff is fabulous at handling even the most nervous or critters….and owners! And now, months later, we are finally seeing some of you face-to-face now that we are back to business as usual. It feels odd to have potentially seen a pet multiple times and had never seen the owner! We have had lots of introductions recently which has been great. And honestly, I have missed the side conversations that make interacting in person more enjoyable and fun. Give me a smile, a handshake and a face-to-face conversation over a Zoom call any day! Thanks for patience and understanding!

In addition, I want to thank may staff (Colleen, Francine and Mariah) as well as my office manager (LisaMarie) for their hard work during this time. Like the postman of old, no bad weather would slow them down from going outside to get your pet or bringing your discharge instructions after a visit. They, as always, are the first line of communication and your first impression as to how we operate here at the AEC. Our goal to make you and your pet feel comfortable during the visit and educated at the conclusion so you can make good decisions starts with them the moment you call to make an appointment and continues until you pull away. I appreciate all they do and similarly appreciate the respect that you show them as part of the team. And their patience in times when clients temporarily forget their manners, as can happen when we are worried or nervous, is a credit to their professionalism and caring personalities. They make this place go so say “thank you” if you get the chance!

Back to work we go….SEE you later!

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