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What is the coolest animal you have seen?

This may be one of the more common cocktail party questions that veterinary ophthalmologists get asked! Not that eyes in any species are not cool, but a little exotic flavor can spice up the conversation. Fortunately for us veterinary ophthalmologists, the anatomy of the eye is very similar from species to species. There are significant changes when going from mammal to bird to fish since the anatomy is altered to maximize performance depending on the environment in which an animal lives, however, the main structures are present in most eyes. Disease states will also be different based on these living

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Christmas Cheer at the AEC!!!

I had to post this picture of Ozzy Posey and his family with his festive Elizabethan collar! Fortunately his corneal erosion has finally healed. The bad news is he won’t be needing the collar any more! Merry Christmas, Ozzy!!!