Please come visit us at our office on Danbury Road in Wilton:

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Map and Directions

We are located conveniently at 783 Danbury Road (Route 7) in Wilton, CT which is a major north-south thoroughfare in Connecticut. Here is a map and a couple of suggestions for finding our clinic.

When coming South on Route 7:

1) The clinic entrance is on the west side of the road 0.45 miles south of the light at the Route 57/107 intersection with Route 7. A Shell gasoline station and Caraluzzi’s Market is located at this intersection.

2) The entrance to the clinic driveway approaches rapidly after you pass the light at 57/107. Slow down as you travel past a stone wall that lines the west side of Route 7. The Animal Eye Clinic sign is south of the entrance and thus the entrance is easy to miss when driving quickly south. If you pass the entrance, you can easily turn around shortly after the clinic.

When coming North on Route 7:

1) The entrance is shortly after the Animal Eye Clinic sign and requires a sharp left turn up into the parking lot. You will see the exit first.

2) If you are traveling from the Merritt Parkway (Route 15), you may want to consider coming North on Route 57 (exit 42) which is a nicer drive than Route 7. It intersects Route 7 just north of clinic (see comments above).