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puppy examAt the Animal Eye Clinic in Wilton, CT, our mission is to provide the highest quality medical and surgical ophthalmic care for our patients. We do that in a friendly environment of mutual respect, compassion and personal care for our clients and their cherished pets.

In addition, we strive to continually educate ourselves, our clients and our referring veterinarians by remaining current with the latest developments in veterinary medicine and sharing this knowledge, working as a team to make informed decisions for the care of our patients. At the end of the day, our mission is to contribute, through the exchange of ideas and treatments, to the global community of veterinary ophthalmology.

I wrote the following for one of the web pages a few years ago titled “A Warm Environment in the Cold Weather”. It always strikes me as a good description of how I run this practice and thus have placed it here along side our mission statement.

Been cold enough for you out there? It sure has been for me. I like winter. I enjoy skiing, sledding with the kids, playing frisbee with my dog Tess after a fresh snow, the Winter Olympics this year. a warm fire, Christmas….but wait! I feel like it has been about 9 degrees all season long. Trust me, this is not a big complaint. I lived in Wisconsin for 7 years so this is nothing. And don’t get me started on snow days at school when it closes if it might snow! Alas, that’s one reason we live here is the enjoyment of a change of season and the different activities each season brings. But it is always nice to find that warm spot in the middle of a cold day to keep one comfortable and secure.

That’s what we try to bring here at the Animal Eye Clinic when it comes to veterinary health care. In today’s world of corporate businesses, veterinary medicine is inching along that path. Lot’s of big companies and hospitals out there that present a vast array of services to appeal to the pet owner of all walks of life. One-stop shopping with multiple specialists in the same building, collaborating together to bring you the best service possible. These clinics are wonderful and are, for better or worse, replacing the university teaching hospital as the place to go for complex case management due to their ubiquity and ease of access in many urban settings. I use and even recommend them with complex cases that require overnight care, constant monitoring due to multiple problems that require multiple specialists to manage.

But not all problems require easy access to all of these health care professionals. Some specialties, ophthalmology among them, can thrive as a stand-alone practice. In that situation, the doctor(s) have more control over the environment, staffing and cost of the services being offered. It allows for a more personalized approach to health care, something that is often lacking in human medicine and can certainly occur in veterinary medicine in the larger style practice. In fact, the so-called “boutique medicine” MDs are trying to bring back the old feel of the doctor patient relationship by having less patients and more time to talk to them rather than running as many patients through the door as possible.

If this sort of personalized care sounds good to you, the Animal Eye Clinic in Wilton is your place. I see less patients, spend more time, have a wonderful staff that’s been with me for years and practice in a warm, friendly and clean environment. We give you all your options, educate you so you can make good choices, and repeat it if you need to hear it again. And if you need other specialists to get involved in the management of your pet’s care, I will send you there without reservation. It’s all about making sure you get the right treatment with the right person for the problem that brings you through our door. I know it is a choice for you to come here and we want to insure you made the right one.