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Service Dog Exams and AEC Critters!

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Each year the AEC, along with many other ophthalmologists across the country, will examine animals with an active service job for free! It is part of our way of giving back to these wonderful animals that help us in so many facets of our daily lives. This occurs every May so if you missed this year, you can try again next by going to and searching for the Service Animal Event.


Why are we here and why do we do what we do? That’s always a good question to ask one’s self and one that has been tossed around lately in my family as we are in the midst of college hunting. That’s a whole different topic as time passes but is so much more apparent when we look at others, like our children, rather than ourselves. But I digress….we are here because we enjoy animals and taking care of them. Of course, that can’t be the only reason and any veterinary school applicant or counselor will tell you this. But an inherent love of animals has to be present. This is usually evident and develops with our interactions with pets when we are young and continues as we become adults. Dog, cat, hamster, goldfish, horse…you name it, usually one or more wheedles their way into our hearts and is the gateway to working with animals.

So I got to thinking, what critters are in our lives now that we are here taking care of yours? And thus follows a brief expose of the best dogs and cats in the world (don’t we all have one?!) for you to enjoy!

Introducing Tess Stuhr, best frisbee catcher in town! She’s 9 years old now and has been a perfect fit for our family. She is always outside with us, wanting to be one of the boys whenever we are playing sports in the yard or driveway. She has the drive and smarts of an Aussie but the ability to chill when it’s time to relax. We love her!

Tess 1

Budsters, the informal name for Chester Abdul Tobias III, is our new addition last year. This Maine Coon has fit right in and loves to sit on your lap especially when you are reading the newspaper or doing homework. His timing is impeccable! Tess will occasionally remind who is the primary pet of the house, but he’s a cat and doesn’t care!


Ariel and Jasmine are Lisa Marie, our office manager’s cats. These kitties came into her life shortly after her older cat passed and were the rays of sunshine she needed to brighten the day. You couldn’t ask for a more loving pair!


Zeke is Colleen’s dog who harkens from Oklahoma. He looks forward to the treats she can flip him from her Puppy Cam App she has on her phone. He has boxer in him so she is somewhat biased to those types that come into the clinic!

zeke howell

Weasley is Suzanne’s love and this is from a girl who used to be afraid of cats! He rules the roost and let’s her live there, or so he thinks! He must be magical as his name comes from Harry Potter…


Maggie is Kelly’s crazy girl who has kept her busy with all her antics. You can see the devious look as she sits in the picture! Like every lovable lab, she is non-stop which keeps Kelly and her family on their toes.

Maggie Eaton

Boe is Chris’ latest addition, a kitty he and his fiance saved from the streets of West Virginia. As with many of our pets, sometimes they have the penchant of finding you rather than vice versa. Apparently he has gotten bigger which is too bad….he’s quite cute at this size!


We hope to see you and yours soon!

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