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Christmas Cheer at the AEC!!!

I had to post this picture of Ozzy Posey and his family with his festive Elizabethan collar! Fortunately his corneal erosion has finally healed. The bad news is he won’t be needing the collar any more! Merry Christmas, Ozzy!!!

Season’s Greetings!

The AEC reception area

Welcome to the Holiday edition of the Animal Eye Clinic in Wilton, Connecticut!

To date I have posted medical information and photographs of some disease states that may be of interest. But today, as Thanksgiving has quickly passed us by and the Christmas holiday bears down on us, I decided to wax poetic about something I feel strongly about: Customer Service.

I am one of those folks who really enjoys this time of year. One of the reasons is that many people seem to embrace the Christmas spirit and actually start treating people nicely, are thinking of giving

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Hello and Welcome to Our New Website!


The Animal Eye Clinic of Wilton is proud to be supporting the National Service Dog Eye Exam Month! This special month, established by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists in conjunction with Merial Pharmaceuticals, has been created to allow dogs in all forms of service to be awarded a free eye exam from a board certified ophthalmologist. So if your friend is a drug sniffer or seeing eye and anything in between, they may be eligible for this service. Go to to see if your dog qualifies for this valued service! I have posted

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