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Too Much White Stuff!!!

Ok, enough already! I get it, we live here for a reason, get to enjoy all the seasons and the diversity they bring to our lives. I like to ski, go sledding with my kids, build the occasional snowman. I have lived in more temporate and more severe climates so I have a nice barometer on weather variation and I do love the activities that each season allows. But I think we all agree….enough of the white stuff already! We have got nowhere to put it!

In all seriousness, we are trying our best, like most businesses, to keep ourselves

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Cataracts in the Dog

We see a lot of patients of all species that present with a complaint of cataracts in either or both eyes. I decided to post our owner information sheet that we give out if cataracts are present and cataract surgery is a consideration. A few basic points that I thought I would stress. 1) Nuclear sclerosis is an old aging change of the lens where the lenses appear grey but are not truly opaque and are often misconstrued for cataract. This is an increase in density of the lens that we see commonly in older patients. 2) Cataracts are

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The Pigmentation Continues!

We talked about melanoma in the dog and cat in the iris and iris cysts in my last post, but what about pigment on the surface of the eye? There are a number of diseases that create pigmentation on the surface in the dog and cat that are worth exploring!

Limbal Melanoma

The junction between the clear cornea and the white sclera is called the limbus and is a circular line that separates them. Melanoma can arise from here and is also considered benign. Growth, however, can occur and is more common in young animals than in old where it may remain

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